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2 Piece Showa Jogger Set –www.ShopBoujiBae.Com

2 Piece Showa Jogger Set –www.ShopBoujiBae.Com

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2 Piece Showa Jogger Set – ShopBoujiBae.Com

2 Piece Showa Jogger Set – ShopBoujiBae.Com
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Building from Ground Up: | Green Thumb Edition

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Welcome back to another Bouji Bae adventure. It’s your bae, Jenn10 with an article; Building from Ground Up: | Green Thumb Edition. If you just tuning in don’t worry you haven’t missed a thing. These videos & articles are made with the sole purpose to take you guys along with me on this journey from Tomboy to TomFord. |{Now, what kinda fun would we have if I didn’t document the entire adventure}| so join in as we submerge into the World Of Business, Beauty & Fashion #BBF. Please stop what you doing , go subscribe & click the notification button to follow along. Learn what it takes to be bouji, fashionable, how 2s, vices on starting & maintaining a non traditional business and everything beauty. Follow as I explore, educate & transform myself; step by step from #Basic 2 #Muse.

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If you previously read any of my other articles, then you know I’ve been looking for a platform to express my imagination creatively for a long time, but creating a brand from the ground up with little experience & no money can be a daunting.

When building something from the ground up. One must have a plan, some form of Blueprint to help with the construction of any project that you may be working on. It’s imperative that you take the time to design, construct and most importantly research your interest. Don’t be afraid to dive in and ask questions, their nothing wrong with inquiring.

Barcelo Marina Palace, Varadero, Cuba

Starting from scratch, there are many steps one must take. The first step for me would have to be “Structure”. Take the time to organize your ideas in a way that makes sense to you, your thoughts are forever evolving so coming up with a well planned blueprint will help keep you on the right track. Discipline yourself to write out a well planned map showing Point A to Point Z.

Let’s say you would like to set up a shop to sell your favorite items but you’re not sure where to start, or even how to get there!?. Get yourself a blank journal, notebook or even use the phone’s memo pad. Take a minimum of 15-30 mins daily to jot down your ideas but I suggest you get fancy. Spend an entire day and illistrate your ideas with a vision broad. Get creative, In the beginning don’t focus so much on the minor details, but more or less the overall final project.

{Remember to continuously follow-up and frequently modified to fit circumstances}

Most people have a hard time knowing where to start, they generally have an idea of what the entire project as a whole should look, operate and function as so let’s work backwards. Grab your supplies & board or tablet whatever you use to create and display your ideas; head over to your working station. Now that you have your supplies let’s us begin.

List of supplies you need:

Poster board, cork board or small canvas

Stack of old magazines

Scissors markers or paint glue,

Tape, thumbtacks or pins

Photo of yourself (optional)

Every business has a concept, take a few mins to come up with one. The concept design is usually the projects overall mission statement. What the company would like the customers to learn or takeaway with them. Lets say the company’s mission is to create a social platform / e-commerce / boutique where people of subcultured style of all sizes can come to shop. Were going to create a board that expresses just that. Now that we have the overall Design Concept our next step is to zoom in slowly on the details by funneling the ideas from Z-A by adding more and being specific.

If you want to learn more on HOW TO ACTUALLY CREATE A VISION BOARD check out

Read and follow along with Rosetta Thurman, as she gives you 6 simple steps to creating an ideal Life & Business vision board. If you enjoyed her article as much as I did, then join the tribe with me and thousands of woman to create the ideal life & business goals

Leave a comment below: Have you ever created a vision board? Did you find it useful in helping you visualize and structure your creative ideas? What are some other things that has helped you stay organized?

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2 Piece Floral Print Hoodie Track Suit – Bouji Bae Hair Society

2 Piece Floral Print Hoodie Track Suit – Bouji Bae Hair Society