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Net-A-Porter has launched their new app. Were you can now get 10% off.  On September 28, 2016; Danielle Nicole wore an article on Fashion Bomb where she paired a khaki pencil skirt with a cropped cashmere sweater for a chic spin on a military inspired outfit. A look I absolulatly love.

Fall 2016 Style Inspiration 4 Outfit Ideas From Net-A-Porter The Elder Cropped sweater Barbara Casasola Cotton-gabardine pencil skirt Aquazzura Amazon sandals M2Malletier Amor Fati shoulder bagShe completed the look with a pair of lace-up leather sandals, a black mini shoulder bag with silver bar detail, a sleek silver bracelet, and aviator sunglasses.

The Elder Statesman$640.00

Barbara Casasola$650.00



Le Specs$90.00

Eddie Borgo$175.00
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Casual Street Style

Want a average everyday look? street style


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I Love Paris in the Fall

I Love Paris in the Fall


Miss Selfridge sleeveless shirt
$32 –

Zizzi blue jacket
$42 –

Chicwish blue skirt

Liliana lace-up sandals

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What’s In Your Back Yard…


As a travel connoisseur, the world is your back yard. Traveling can be lots of fun; there are so many things to explore and try out. Your options are endless. Every one thinks it takes lots of money to travel, sure it can be costly at times but it doesn’t have to be. Unfortunly not every person can afford staying in a 5-star hotel, Wine & Dine and shop all day. That’s ok, you too can experience the traveling world right here in your own back yard.

Get Chic Maxi Dresses for Under $50 at FashionMia.
Shop the latest womens tops at!

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Why Dating a Tomboy is Cool!

Let’s face it Girly!!  Being a tomboy is cool. You even envy the fact that you worked so hard, even spend hours to perfect your appearance, for your crush to give his full attention to us hommes. Some of you ladies wander How so…Here’s 10 reasons why tomboy will always win!

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What am I….A Girly Girl!

Don’t feel confident with being a girly girl? Don’t have no experience? Don’t worry, I’ve been there and I’m even experiencing that now; along with you.I have learned by taking it one step at a time, that your anxiety and fears will begin to decrease. Start focusing on the little changes at first. No need to get dramatic. stop-obsessing-about-appearance Continue reading “What am I….A Girly Girl!”

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Tomboy to Tom Ford made simple

Are you a tomboy who longs to be a diva, but don’t know where to start? Are you tired of being teased for being a tomboy? Are people constantly bothering you to be more girly girl?  Are you just a girl who happens to take a liking to sports, adventures and a glass of cold beer? Or maybe you just feel comfortable wearing sneakers, hoodies and sweats.Ever wish there was a way to combine your adventurous side with a more female approach, without losing who you are, get heads to turn and have jaws dropping each time you enter the room?

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Let the Journey Begin Week 1

Last week on Kickit wit Jenn10,

I challenged myself to a 12wk Cloud 9 Experiment. Boy!  do I have to say it was hard at 1st. I had to figure out what to me is an actual priority and what it is that I’m trying to accomplish. Step aside the usual responsibilities such as paying bills, shelter, food, pretty much the basics essential, to look at other areas of our life that shouldn’t be neglected.

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“Closure For Clarence” A micro story by Allah Preme

   You could’ve spotted detective Daniels from far away. Sitting in his unmarked Crown Victoria car, with his signature Ray Ban frames on smoking his favorite brand of cigarettes. If you didn’t know who he was you had to have been living under a stone. He was infamous in the town of Pitchville, and hated amongst the young black boys who hung out on Elm Street. Pitchville was a small town, with city problems. Elm Street was a notorious block and the crew that ran it was known as the Grim Reaper Boys or “G.R.B”. This gang went back generations on Elm Street, and was highly respected on a street level. G.R.B. was different from the gangs you normally hear about in a sense that they were all about keeping drugs out of their neighborhood and protecting everyone who was from there. They were the types of guys who helped the elderly carry their groceries and walked all the children home when they got off the school bus. Detective Daniels came from a police family and was raised across town on the nicer side of Pitchville. Daniels had a thing for flexing his authority on the black males that hung out on Elm Street. He’d always drive by and taunt them, hop out and make everyone leave the scene for no reason at all. Daniels always felt threatened by “G.R.B.” because they would stand up for themselves and weren’t afraid of him like some of the smaller crews on other blocks were. There was something about the unity on Elm Street that the detective didn’t like. He was intimidated by them but knew he was protected by his badge. The Leader of G.R.B. was a young kid by the name of Clarence. Clarence’s whole family was from Elm Street. Clarence was short with Dread locks and wore army fatigue suits all the time. Although he was smaller than most the guys he hung out with Clarence was nice with the hands and well-respected throughout all of Pitchville. This was the detectives arch nemesis. For years detective Daniels and Clarence clashed because the detectives father killed Clarence’s father in an altercation years back that was ruled an accidental death. Even with video footage of the incident the court somehow ruled “Big C’s” death an accident. Elm Street begged to differ. A few weeks after Big C’s funeral Detective Daniels father was sitting in his squad car and was burned alive after an unknown assailant threw a molotov cocktail through his car window. It was revenge, and no one said a word. Detective Daniels life was dedicated finding out who killed his father and he knew it was someone from Elm Street. Someone from G.R.B. The summer was approaching, and it was going to be one that would affect Detective Daniels and Clarence forever. 
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