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My 1st YouTube Experience

Hey guys its your BAE Jenn10, Now I know its been a while since I last posted but as you know life can take you places you would never expect. I decided today to write a post related to a video I posted yesterday for the 1st time ever.

Woah!!! Guys I’m on YouTube! For a long time I have been contemplating joining by creating my own channel. Just like blogging I know nothing about what I’m embarking on but its exciting and right now I’m full of anxiety.

I decided I would start my new channel yesterday by just posting a Raw & Uncut video of me ranting about my journey Tomboy Goes TomFord. This video is just a Preview explaining how I’m ready to start my journey, see me untamed and a hotmess.

Get to see me before I start my transformation where I take myself & you from basic to glam with weekly updates, tips, hauls, chit chat rants, tutorials & giveaways.

I created this channel so that I can have a place to express my creative side. For years ive been looking for a platform and an outlet where I can have fun exploring different sides of me and a place for me to express myself freely while sharing my experience with all who are interested.

Take this adventure with me as I blog, vlog and educate. Each week I will try to upload as many as 3 videos showing you things that I find most interesting & worth exploring.

So please go visit my channel

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Bouji Bae Hair Society

Bouji Bae Hair Society

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Brazilian Straight Hair with Natural Hairline By: Hair Rosa Queen –…

Brazilian Straight Hair with Natural Hairline By: Hair Rosa Queen –...

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Girl Bye Hoodie · Bouji Bae’s Collection · Online Store Powered by…

Girl Bye Hoodie · Bouji Bae's Collection · Online Store Powered by...