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Get Comfortable Being Un-Comfortable.

This week on Kick It Wit Jenn10, I wanted to take the time out to write an article on Get Comfortable Being Un-Comfortable. Now this is NOT an article on how to, but more an insight into a world of feeling uncomfortable_”Facing Fears”. So Follow me as I take you through my Journey.

Everyone at some point in their lives have experienced a sense of being uncomfortably uncertain. We have seen the effects of this through self-doubt, anxiety, self-criticism and dissatisfaction. Where does this negativity come from? Most people find a way to mask these feelings while others find it hard not to display them. I recently found the answer to this question in a book called The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane, where she states

Negativity exists to spur you to action, to either resolve a problem or get out of the situation. Feelings like fear or anxiety are designed to get you to do something. They’re uncomfortable because they’re “Designed”  to be uncomfortable.

She also states in her book:

The ability to be comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity turns out to be of the strongest predictors of success in business.


Although Olivia F. Cabane wrote the book on how anyone can master the art and science of personal magnetism, those two above statement sparked something in me. After reading the book and self reflecting, I decided I would explore this idea of being uncomfortable. With the help of advance technology and old fashion research, I’m going to try to track my journey on Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable thru varies of activities and challenges; which will include:

  • Daily logs & Journal Entries
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Interviews
  • cognitive and Neurobic exercises

and more.

peter-mcwilliams-writer-be-willing-to-be-uncomfortable-be-comfortableThe goal to this experiment is discovering the real you  “The Man In The Mirror”. The objective is to get comfortable with people, places or things including feelings that make you ambiguous. In other words UNCOMFORTABLE.


In these rules of engagement I am to get comfortable with …

  • The Unknown
  • Success
  • failure
  • reality
  • Not being accepted
  • power
  • ownership
  • wealth
  • richest
  • financial stability
  • My past, present and future
  • Letting Go & Moving On
  • Bad Habits (biting nails)
  • Responsibility
  • being serious
  • Compassionate
  • Public speaking & Hosting
  • Exposure
  • Sexuality
  • Authority
  • Fame
  • scrutiny
  • public eye
  • being without
  • negativity
  • being healthy & self appearance
  • Phobias & Fears (snakes, drowning, heights, Death, animals)492118

Now of course a lot of these can be combined and I will try to display or point out each individual category as I explore and conquer my fears but the overall point of this experiment is to try  to master the art of being UNCOMFORTABLE.







Young & Ambitious

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