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Cooking With Jenn10

As a fan and advert watcher of cooking shows, I always dreamt; what would life be like to host and prepare a meal for an audience? As a fun little exercise, I challenge myself to create a 3 coarse meal around Fall. This post is to show you some of the chooses I selected to create. 


Turkey Chili Soup                                                                                  Prep Time: 15min

Cook Time: 55min

Lentil with Persian Twist Salad                                                        Prep Time: 15min

Cook Time: 30min


Honey BBQ Deer Ribs served with Buttermilk Cornbread     Prep Time 30min

Cook Time: 18hr

Chef John’s Macaroni and Cheese                                            Prep Time: 10min

Cook Time: 45min


Rhubarb Crisp with scoop of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream         Prep Time: 15min

Cook Time: 35min


That’s it, choose the recipe you like and run with it. Feel free to come up with your own variations, and let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.




Young & Ambitious

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