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Why Dating a Tomboy is Cool!

Let’s face it Girly!!  Being a tomboy is cool. You even envy the fact that you worked so hard, even spend hours to perfect your appearance, for your crush to give his full attention to us hommes. Some of you ladies wander How so…Here’s 10 reasons why tomboy will always win!

  1. Amazingly easy to hang out with. Most men are simple and laid back. For a tomboy it takes little to no effort to mix with male friends. Their extrovert attitude makes it fun. They understand Guy Code, as a matter fact they have no problem participating in leisure time.enhanced-buzz-18964-1362072494-10
  2. Damn Girl! is usually the comment you hear when she decides to dress sexy. Not often do tomboy dress up but when they do it’s a show! The good thing about being a homme is that we leave something to the imagination, which intrigue men; leaving them wanting more.601136_600
  3. Drama Free: Almost all girly girls known have either attitude issues or are filled with drama. Nothing seems to be moving accordingly for them. Too much of a drama queen for me, it’s always about the hair, the nail and the makeup. What to wear and what not to wear. Hommes don’t got time for that we’re to busy rough housing to be worried about nails or even how people perceive us. tumblr_nd91kdhhYO1s9362xo1_500
  4. Less maintenance: Were not talking hygiene, because being clean is extremely important. We are talking about the materialistic values that girly girls put on possession. It doesn’t take much to please a tomboy, we’re happy with the simple less costly things.signs-you-were-a-tomboy-growing-up-2-23763-1405641888-4_dblbig
  5.  Ever take the time to talk to a tomboy? You would realize she’s an expert in men. Her  ability to be straight forward helps men be comfortable, knowing she’s not playing mind games.  Being straight forward and understanding is our forte.
  6. This one is tricky, because being independent doesn’t just mean being on your own in this case. Hommes are more independent because were not looking for help when it comes to the down and dirty. Tomboy have no problem problem-solving and using our hands-on skills to get the job done. Even if it means getting dirt on our face. We have an “if you can do it I can too” mentally. The willingness to do for ourselves. enhanced-buzz-25624-1362084250-10
  7. If you worried about being on time, hommes will be ready in no time. It doesn’t take much for a tomboy to be ready. Simplicity at it’s finest. You don’t have to worry about long boring hours being dragged to shop.ApparelnBags Back to School Promotion
  8. We’re a blast in a glass. Everything about a tomboy screams fun and adventurous. The great outdoors is where we excel the most; from climbing trees to skateboarding. We are always down to have a good time. TenTree0247-1024x682
  9. Take me out to a ball game, buy us some pizza and Cracker Jacks and lets not forget a nice cold beer, tomboy are always down for sporting events. What’s a girlfriend or partner if you can’t do what makes you happy? Most hommes play video games, love sports and most of all love being themselves . Nothing more attractive than a girl who can unwind. We have a competitive edge that makes men go wild. image-10-tomboy
  10. Most if not all tomboy are comfortable being themselves. Hommes are females that are authentic and don’t spend time worry about their appearance.  Their not into materialistic things. Tomboy are one of the most coolest individuals you will ever meet.



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