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I Love Paris in the Fall

I Love Paris in the Fall


Miss Selfridge sleeveless shirt
$32 –

Zizzi blue jacket
$42 –

Chicwish blue skirt

Liliana lace-up sandals

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Street Style

Street Style


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Cooking With Jenn10

As a fan and advert watcher of cooking shows, I always dreamt; what would life be like to host and prepare a meal for an audience? As a fun little exercise, I challenge myself to create a 3 coarse meal around Fall. This post is to show you some of the chooses I selected to create.  Continue reading “Cooking With Jenn10”

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What’s In Your Back Yard…


As a travel connoisseur, the world is your back yard. Traveling can be lots of fun; there are so many things to explore and try out. Your options are endless. Every one thinks it takes lots of money to travel, sure it can be costly at times but it doesn’t have to be. Unfortunly not every person can afford staying in a 5-star hotel, Wine & Dine and shop all day. That’s ok, you too can experience the traveling world right here in your own back yard.

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hotel-974x340 Continue reading “What’s In Your Back Yard…”

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Why Dating a Tomboy is Cool!

Let’s face it Girly!!  Being a tomboy is cool. You even envy the fact that you worked so hard, even spend hours to perfect your appearance, for your crush to give his full attention to us hommes. Some of you ladies wander How so…Here’s 10 reasons why tomboy will always win!

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StyleMe10_NYC Girl

StyleMe10_NYC Girl

Red hoodie
$37 –

Pieces white pants
$46 –

Lime Crime lipstick