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What am I….A Girly Girl!

Don’t feel confident with being a girly girl? Don’t have no experience? Don’t worry, I’ve been there and I’m even experiencing that now; along with you.I have learned by taking it one step at a time, that your anxiety and fears will begin to decrease. Start focusing on the little changes at first. No need to get dramatic. stop-obsessing-about-appearance

Try not to focus on what people might say.

Remember: To do what makes you comfortable.

It’s ok to experiment and explore new things. Remain optimistic and do not entertain negativity.

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Quick Tips:

Have you ever got stuck not knowing what to do with your hair after a wash? Here, She shows you very easy natural hairstyles after getting out of the shower or blown out.These are very simple, quick and easy hairstyles for all hair types.



8 Makeup Hacks for Beginners,These 8 beauty hacks are perfect if you’re a beginner.




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2 thoughts on “What am I….A Girly Girl!

    1. my tip for you is Why wait…just get started. At 1st the hardest part is going to find things to write about because there is so much to write about but once you get started it will come easier.


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