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Tomboy to Tom Ford made simple

Are you a tomboy who longs to be a diva, but don’t know where to start? Are you tired of being teased for being a tomboy? Are people constantly bothering you to be more girly girl?  Are you just a girl who happens to take a liking to sports, adventures and a glass of cold beer? Or maybe you just feel comfortable wearing sneakers, hoodies and sweats.Ever wish there was a way to combine your adventurous side with a more female approach, without losing who you are, get heads to turn and have jaws dropping each time you enter the room?

This article marks the transformation of tomboy to “Tom Ford”. These simple steps are the beginning of embracing your true diva. You will learn what it takes to not only go from edgy to elegant but how to be comfortable while transitioning. celebs-in-black1

Step 1: Start off by paying attention to your appearance. Learn to soften up and adjust your attitude. Try a different approach. Update your look and pay close attention to your hygiene.


Step 2: Update your wardrobe. It’s OK to wear sneakers and hoodies. It’s how you style it that makes all the difference.Wear more form-fitting attire and don’t be shy to add new color schemes and patterns to your closet.



Step 3: Avoid getting down and dirty. Etiquette is a major key factor to transformation, so try to stay away from unneccessary roughness. Steer away from coarse languages.


Step 4: Being adventurous and sporty doesn’t mean we are to do everything guys do with guys only, go out and meet some other females just like you. Form a group or if you already have friends to help,great! It can make the transition easier. You will soon find out that there are many of us out their looking for a friend like you.

DSC2707a Planning the ultimate girls trip to Jordan[/caption]

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Step 5: Allow yourself the time to explore being a girly girl. Read and do as much research on it as you can. There is no set time so don’t let no one pressure you to changing who you are.101-email-etiquette-tips

Remember: The point is to not only to go from tomboy to Tom Ford but how to be comfortable while transitioning.

Transitioning from tomboy to girly girl doesn’t just happen over night. It takes some people years to break out of and feel confident while and after doing so. I myself struggled and although I have not 100% transitioned, I’m still learning one step at a time. So, while learning to go from tomboy to Tom Ford can be tricky, it isn’t hard with the right information. Continue to follow this site for more on these basic steps and channel your inner most DIVA.


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