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Let the Journey Begin Week 1

Last week on Kickit wit Jenn10,

I challenged myself to a 12wk Cloud 9 Experiment. Boy!  do I have to say it was hard at 1st. I had to figure out what to me is an actual priority and what it is that I’m trying to accomplish. Step aside the usual responsibilities such as paying bills, shelter, food, pretty much the basics essential, to look at other areas of our life that shouldn’t be neglected.

So with that being said I’m going to jump right in.

The most difficult part was where to begin So I decided to go with the basics. List a few of my Projects and ideas. You know, the things I want to accomplish, my deepest thoughts, desires, wishes and dreams.

  • Start my own business
    • Production/Management Company
    • Cosmetics Line
    • Transportation service
  • Hosting, Print Model, Review Critic, Blogger, Photographer
  • Tourism & Food, Flip Homes, Event Coordinate, Journalist
  • Entrepreneur, Personal Assistant, Lab Tech, CST ( Cert. Surgical Tech)
  • Life Coach, Health & Holistic lifestyle (GetFit), Boxer, UFC&MMA
  • Researcher, Appeal line, Writer, T.V series, Radio Host, Realtor



These are just a few things that began to jump at me once I let my mind do the free thinking. With all my ideas and projects listed I decided to group them together.  Next, I wrote down a list of a few things to do to get me heading in the right direction.

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  1. Create a Routine
    • Get in the habit of doing things over and over again
  2. Time Management
    • Learn to use you time wisely and all you want can be accomplished
  3. Organize a list
    • Under each group create a daily task that will benefit that entire category as a whole
  4. Outline plan
    • use a calendar to help organize your weekly/monthly activities
  5. Research
    • Take a least 1 hr each day to work on each category and learn something new
  6. Stay Fit
    • Take the time to take care of yourself

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    Then followed that list with an up coming week breakdown

    Week 2


    • 45min Workout
    • Complete at least 1 task toward each category
    • Meal Plan
    • Research 1hr per day
    • Read for 30 mins

    Weekends  are Down time. FOR NOW.

    Finish the assignment with a few words:

    Don’t allow others the power to throw you off.

    Next week on Kickit wit Jenn10, I will continue the 12wk journey and get more into the breakdown of each category and its progess.



    Young & Ambitious

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