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No 1 religion is the true religion…

Let’s get personal for a moment, I have a few things I’ve never told you. For instance my faith.

Now religion for me isn’t really a big deal but I do believe in it heavy because of my background and the family traditions that were installed.

Like many people now religion has become unorthodox and people aren’t following the bible or the Torah or any other religious books to the tea anymore. Nowadays people are following their own belief and incorporating pieces of different religions together to form one belief system. 

I happen to be a victim to doing just that.

Growing up, my earliest memories of religion for me was every Sunday having to get up get ready and dressed for Haitian mass. Now religion was always fascinating to me but it was quiet hard for me to pay attention when everything was in french and creole. It became difficult to understand and I lost interest.

Till recently.

After so many years of doing online researching, talks with people from all walks of life and my own search for knowledge, I found that their is no 1 religion that is right; they all teach the same thing which is order and obedience.

So what began happening I started incorporating all forms of religion into one.

I’m not sure if there a name for such a thing. But im in search of a religious group that i can join that has incorporated all forms.

As a roman catholic child (I say that because I was baptised in) there are some things that I keep dear to me which is Saints. Saints to me play a big role in my life and im not sure why this portion of the religion im most intrigued with. I can feel their present even as im typing.

As a superstitious woman, the more of the saint’s being I felt the more I want to learn about them. Now for some people they tie saints with magic and voodoo and being a Haitian american it hard for me not to believe in magic.

I feel like people make such big deals about it. When in fact almost all religion are in gauge with white or black magic, even both at times.

There are many things I havent revealed here. Perhaps I will in the future. Some of things I would love to elaborate on are quite shocking, but lets save that for later, okay?

Last week on Kickit wit Jenn10, I challengedmyself to write and talk about my daydreams and keep track of my taught. Well here where we start.

The above article was written as I was at work daydreaming about my mom trip to a cathedral in Canada now my mom asked me to write a letter to any particular saint, and  for me to ask my inner most wants.  So im going to share with you that letter.

Dear                                                  ,


        I come to you today to ask that you watch over me. I’m in real need of your protection and true guidance. For many years I was lost and immature. I lacked understanding and wisdom, but today I ask that you help me to see. Open my eyes to the world’s greatest wonders, Open my eyes to see and exist with the world’s mysteries and magic. I come because I want protection, good health, prosperity and wealth. I ask that I never go hungry or tired. I ask that my dreams become reality, I ask that what I manifest brings me the greatest joys, and I ask that evil be ridden from my soul. I ask to remain humble as I reap the benefits of my labor. I ask that you make me strong to protect & support my family and love ones. I pray that my faith with God strengthens; I pray to always have shelter and to never go without. I ask that my attitude be regulated and come out only when needed. I pray for peace and balance within myself and others that are around me. I pray for Abundance, With ABUNDANCE I pray that it comes with wealth, health & financial gains. I pray that I’m financially established and my husband is grounded and financially secured.  I pray to continue to receive my blessing. I ask that all my wishes, dreams and prayer come true. 



What is your take on religion? Do you believe in saints? What are some of the things you do to show your faith? Do u believe that their can be 1 ultimate religion? What do you call a person who combines all religions into one belief system? What are some your thoughts.



Young & Ambitious

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