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This week on kicking it with Jenn10, I wanted to discuss priorities. As you may have read in the previous article Jenntastic10. Jenn10 also known as Ladi Luck was never the type of person who cared about the material world or any of  the world’s responsibilities. Growing up all I knew was how to be free-spirited and not having to work for anything; leaving me naive and vulnerable.

Life as you may know will take you on a series of adventures and I would like to share some of these moments.

Embarking on a new adventure can be exciting and rejuvenating. Their is so much to look forward to. Like the time I graduated high school and was getting ready to enter my 1st year of college, or when I got my 1st car. Thinking back to these moments; remembering the trails and tribulations. I am proud. What stuck out was the amount of drive, motivation and goals I had instilled upon myself to reach that level of accomplishment.

Prioritizing for me is not hard to plan or set but being consist on your obligations is a lot harder to sustain.  For many years even up until this day, my priorities are not exactly in order. Its easier to be ambitions and to have high dreams, but what does all that mean when your priorities to accomplish your dreams aren’t being met.

Since I can remember I was told “Jenn10 you’re going to be someone” and I believe that for the most part; I just wish I was discipline enough to turn my thoughts into action. Now when I say that statement it’s not because my words don’t speak action but that it doesn’t speak enough volumes.

Growing up I was and still am very ambitious and creative, but I lacked focus. For a long time I never bother myself to find out why, but I as begin documenting my experiences I came to realize that there is a chance I could be dyslexic. Now im not to familiar with the condition and later I’ll even write an article on my Struggle with dyslexia but I want to get into priorities.

Having dyslexia and other factors such as ADHD (which is not an actual condition according to medical researchers) for me has been a constant battle which made it really hard for me to prioritize. I find it extremely difficult to adjust and adapt to the different ways of viewing things, which makes me very irritable. In school especially, it was hard to prioritize my work because I was constantly being distracted. Reading was and still is something I struggle with (I would see and describe things backwards). Whatever you do don’t ask me to pronounce. Its like the sounds of the alphabet dont exist and my level of distraction is at an ultimate high. Prioritizing just didn’t exist for me.

Until now….

Although I’m still struggling to prioritize. The importance of prioritizing is critical. Without priorities there is no sense of accomplishment. It just does not exist.I experience that first hand. All my life putting things in order setting dates & time and organizing my responsibilities, then committing to it,  is about the hardest thing one can face.

Just Ask10

Can people still be successful without prioritizing?? I want you to describe a time in your life where setting priorities has helped bring success to your world. Does completing your priorities ultimately lead to your success? Can you prioritize and still not accomplish your task? ….



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