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J E N N T A S T I C 1 0

Ever woke up thinking…. Hmmm… what would life be if  I where a super hero?

Jenn10 Profile

My name is Jenn10 formally known as Lady Luck.  A billionaire guru currently attending Garden of Eden; Master of life’s secrets. Retired fortune 500, plastic surgeon, and media manager.  An elite figure to social change. Often misunderstood and judged by society.

Growing up, life was filled with imagination and magic. Being lost in creativity is rejuvenating. Life has always been an adventure and with the power of imagination, dreams became reality but it didn’t come easy.

Where does one start?

You probably started reading this and wondering where is this article going. At first I didn’t know in what direction I wanted to go. Would people even be interested ?

Born and raised in the suburbs of New York, life had its up and down but most places do. Growing up in the suburbs was cool. Most people try to find a way to make their home town sound worst then it is, but I enjoyed growing up upstate. The grass is green, the homes are welcoming and the people are friendly. The picture perfect family, so you may think. Like many families there is chaos but I have a unique story.

I come from a family of 5 sisters and 4 brothers & im LuckyNo.7.

First generation Haitian American
Middle child between 2 brothers born in the same year only months apart (its safe to say were #Triplets.)
Mothers 1st child and 1 biological younger sister

From oldest to youngest:

PETE(SAME MOM AS YAZ)business Owner
YAZ(SAME MOM AS PETE)business Owner
***All born in Haiti***

JUJU: same mom as Jimmy, Nail Tech & fashionista. Owner of Nail Tech and Nail Cosmetics.

STAN: same mom as James, Personal trainer and nutritionist. Owns multiple fitness and wellness facilities while offering life coaching experience.

JIMMY: Same mom as Juju, Father of 4.  MUSIC #RapGod

CHRIS: Same mother as Jenn10, Mother of 2. Celebrity hairstylist and barber.

MEL: Professional dancer at 16, half-brother Rik studying computer engineering.

Since a toddler I grew up privileged. Life for me was a fairy tale. As a spoiled brat in a dysfunctional middle class setting, not everything was at my exposure but I didn’t care about the material world or any of  the world’s responsibilities. I wanted to be free spirited, never having to work for anything; leaving me naive and vulnerable.

Life as you know will take you on a series of adventures. With its roller coastal like turns and its multitude of obstacles. Life will take you for a ride.

Each week 1-2 articles will be released. Each placed into different portals of Jenn10 life and as you begin to explore the more you will uncover. Each portal is specifically design to unlock the mind of Lady Luck. 







Young & Ambitious

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